Make Grooming Enjoyable for your puppy!!

Having your puppy bathed and groomed for the first time should be at least 12 weeks. This allows them to adapt to the grooming process. The first appointment will be kept short as to not stress your puppy.....


 Nail trim

Ear cleaning

Scissoring feet & pad shaving

Light face trim

Sanitary trim

bandana or bow

Keep your Cat Healthy!

Having your kitten bathed can be around 8 weeks using only kitten shampoo ***Do Not use cat/dog or human shampoo***

Grooming your cat on a regular basis will also help you to keep an eye on its health. And grooming your cat can even help to prevent feline health issues such as digestive problems caused by hairballs. Regular grooming can also help to improve the health of your cat's skin and coat.

The Dangers of Leaving Mats in Dogs and Cats Fur !

Not only are mats in fur unsightly, they can hurt the poor pooch as well. Here are a few reasons:

  ***Reason One***

Most mats occur around the anus, in the armpits, behind the ears and thighs, and in the groin area. Not all dogs get mats, dogs with long, soft, silky coats or curly coats, or dense undercoats, are prone to them if they are not groomed regularly. 

  ***Reason Two***

You can't leave mats on dogs because mats cause the skin underneath to become red, inflamed, moist and yeasty. Severe mats pull and pinch, and they affect hair growth. All kinds of nasty infections, such as candida, can form under mats and cause the dog great pain as the skin underneath is unable to heal itself from the onslaught of infection. With no exchange of air, the skin underneath the mat oozes with all kinds of disgusting matter that soaks into the mat, which in turn causes the mats to smell really bad!

  ***Reason Three***

Mats cause severe pain in dogs when they begin to pull up on the skin and tighten around tails and limbs. His lumpy coat gets in the way of his getting comfortable. 

Prevention of mats is much better than treating them. Treatment for mats is painful for the dog.  Often mats cannot be cut or shaved off, so they must be carefully and painstakingly combed out, at least enough to get a scissors or shaver under. Unless the mats are very small and just starting out, never try to de-mat a dog yourself, especially by cutting them. You risk nicking the skin and hurting your dog.

NEVER under any circumstances pull up a mat and cut across. Pull up a mat on a cats’ coat and you will be pulling up skin with it too. Cut across and you can cut the skin. Simple as that. Cats skin is like tissue paper and it moves easily and cuts easily. My advice is ALWAYS slide a comb beneath the mat. Once you have the teeth of the comb between the skin and the mat you can then safely cut the mat out. With cats that don’t get any form of regular grooming, owners generally see small mats forming and don’t think anything of it. Leave it for a few days or a week and more fur will form around the mat causing dry skin and sores. Leave it for longer and the mat begins to turn into a tight pelt. Once it has formed into a pelt and is tight to the skin a comb CANNOT slide under it and you then have a problem on your hands. Only shaving can remove a pelt or tight mat.


Pricing grooming is difficult because every dog has a different coat and requires varied techniques. Please understand if your price isn’t listed.

I will be fair to you if you are fair to me!



Bath Only

Includes: Shampoo/conditioner, brush, dry, nails, clean ears, shave feet pads and sanitary trim!

Tiny Dogs ( Under 5 lbs. including puppies/kittens) $ 15

Small Dogs $ 25

Med Dogs $ 30

Large Dogs $ 35 & up Full Groom

Full Groom

Includes: Shampoo/conditioner, brush, dry, nails, clean ears, shave feet pads and sanitary trim

And a complete cut and shave down…

Tiny Dogs ( Under 5 lbs. including puppies/kittens) $ 25

Small Dogs $ 35

Med Dogs $ 40

Large Dogs $ 55 & up

Just clipping/file nails for all size $ 8

Matted/Shave Down Add $ 10 and up ( depending on size of dog)

DE- shedding Furminator shampoo/Conditioner Add $ 10

Teeth cleaning/Fresh Breath $ 3 *** A couple of squirts and your dog will have a clean fresh breath without brushing***